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KT Wong Sponsors First ‘Orchestra for Myanmar’

Over the last few months, British-German-Chinese violinist Sebastian See-Schierenberg has been working on a groundbreaking and exciting project, involving young Myanmar musicians, to create the first ‘Orchestra for Myanmar’.

This new project, which is presented by the UK-based charity Live4Music and sponsored by the KT Wong Foundation, with the support from the British Council, the Goethe Institut and the Government of Myanmar’s Ministry of Culture, will bring together talented musicians from different states, communities, organisations and institutions in Myanmar. The orchestra will act as an international-level training platform for young, aspiring musicians in Myanmar. Furthermore, the orchestra itself will become a role model for young people and a symbol of friendship and peace.

During Phase 1 of this project, Project Director Sebastian See-Schierenberg, has been coaching, training and mentoring the musicians who will be taking part in this project, with the assistance of a number of Yangon-based Myanmar and international professional musicians. Phase 1 culminates with this debut performance of the Orchestra at the National Theatre on 31 January.

For Phase 2, the project plans to do a national tour of a number of states in Myanmar in 2015/16, to showcase the achievements and talents of the orchestra as well as to audition and coach additional musicians from around the country.

For Phase 3, the ambition is to have the Orchestra to perform internationally at reputable music festivals in the region and beyond.

The Orchestra is comprised of musicians from a number of institutions and organisations, such as National University of Arts and Culture, the AOC Orchestra, Gitameit, Myanmar Institute of Theology (MIT), International School Yangon (ISY), the British International School, among others. A number of Yangon-based international musicians are also supporting the project.


– A specially written piece by the leading composer of Myanmar Mg Mg Zaw Htet for Burmese harp and strings (soloist and composer are leading figures and staff at the Uni of Arts and Culture, an important government connection)

– Naga Ni (Red Dragon, a traditional Burmese song)

– Ravel Bolero for full orchestra

– Cavalleria Rusticana Intermezzo by Mascagni

– Clair de Lune for violin and reduced orchestra

– Beethoven piano sonata movement (soloist and orchestra coach Mariana Olaizola)

– Butterworth, ‘Lovely Trees’ for Baritone (choir coach Sam Glatman) and Mariana

Pachelbel Canon

– Russian Dance by Pat Legg

– Bonse Abe for Choir (from the international school ISY)


Foundation Supports UN Youth Orchestra

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 12.04.04

The KT Wong Foundation is proud to support the first UN Youth Orchestra at the reopening of the UN General Assembly Hall on October 24, 2014. The event is part of the United Nations Day celebrations and the second annual Lang Lang & Friends Annual Gala by the Lang Lang International Music Foundation (LLIMF).

Lead by Manuel López Gómez, world famous pianist Lang Lang will perform with an orchestra of 80 children from over 20 countries and four continents.

The United Nations Day is traditionally reserved as a special concert for the General Secretary Ban Ki-moon, with the aim to reflect the global impact the UN has offered the world in its work, through the most universal of all languages, music.

In 2011 the KT Wong Foundation was the sole foundation partner supporting renowned conductor Sir Daniel Barenboim and his West Eastern Divan Orchestra’s (WEDO) first tour of China. Barenboim and the late Edward Said created this trailblazing orchestra of young musicians from widely divergent beliefs with the express goal to bridge cultures and promote dialogue between them through music. The KT Wong Foundation’s support of the coming UN Youth Orchestra further demonstrates the foundation’s commitment to supporting young talents and fostering cross-cultural dialogue.

With a similar mission to inspire and motivate the next generation of classical music lovers and performers and to encourage music performance at all levels, KT Wong Foundation is delighted to support the LLIMF at this historical event.

Foundation announces internships at AIX 2014

This year the KT Wong Foundation is developing an Intern programme in partnership with the Aix Festival to offer opportunities for young people who aspire to work in the arts to be involved with the Festival.

The KT Wong Foundation’s key aim is to foster a mutual understanding between China and the rest of the world, working on collaborative cultural projects across performing and visual arts to explore and create dialogue around, world-leading art, both contemporary and traditional.

The purpose of this program is to enable young people with an interest in the arts to work with one of Europe’s major arts festivals to develop an understanding of the skill and expertise required to make and deliver high quality work both on stage and on film.

The opportiunities offered by the internships will include working with professional documentary filmmakers as they film 2 documentaries commissioned by the KT Wong Foundation, and to become involved in the making of Aix Festival’s opera projects, supporting the artists and technicians during this process.

These are excellent opportunities for young people to gain experience working with top professionals of both film and stage.

Documentary boost for AIX Festival

The KT Wong Foundation is commissioning two documentaries filmed by director Christian Leblé at the AIX Festival 2014.  The first documentary is based around the staging of Handel’s Ariodante, whilst the second covers the German opera Trauernacht.  This is a major boost for the festival and the foundations involvement as the finished documentaries will be screened in China later in the year, bringing Aix Festival preparations and performances to Chinese audiences for the first time.

For other examples of work by Christian Leblé click this link