Zhang Yu

Zhang Yu is currently the president of the China Arts and Entertainment Group and general manager of the China Performing Arts Agency. He also serves as the vice president of the China Service Trade Association, secretary-general of the Arts Council of the China National Centre for the Performing Arts, vice president of the China Performance Association and president of the Beijing Performance Trade Association.

The China Arts & Entertainment Group was established in April 2004. Funded by the States Council, the group was under the administrative operation of the Ministry of Culture and supervised as a state-owned asset by the Ministry of Finance. It is highly engaged in national and international cultural performances and large-scale art exhibitions. It has introduced over 100 performances and exhibitions to China, including the cultural celebration ‘Meeting in Beijing’. As an important channel for China’s cultural exchange with rest of the world, the group has established extensive contacts and close relationships with renowned cultural institutions, art museums and distinguished artists.

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