A MidSummer’s Night Dream

Saturday, April 4th, 2020

On 13th October 2016 the KT Wong Foundation introduced a new in depth interview series called Masterclass: In Conversation at the 19th Beijing Music Festival. Robert Carsen, one of the world’s leading opera directors opened the inaugural session coinciding with the China premiere performance of his seminal production of Benjamin Britten’s Midsummer Night’s Dream from the Aix Festival.

Respected journalist and presenter James Chau interviewed Robert Carsen

(10th October 2016, Beijing) The KT Wong Foundation, leaders in developing and delivering new and exciting cultural exchanges between China and the west since 2007, presented the first of a new series of In Conversation in partnership with the Beijing Music Festival. The masterclass, which is part of the programme of supporting events at this year’s Beijing Music Festival, will be a unique opportunity for audiences in China to hear from the legendary Canadian director Robert Carsen.

Mr. Carsen will direct his highly-praised production of Benjamin Britten’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Poly Theatre as part of the festival. In the conversation with James Chau he discussed his life, his work and his inspirations from a career spanning thirty years. This include video footage of many of his signature productions from leading opera houses around the world.

Lady Linda Wong Davies, Founder and Chairman of the KT Wong Foundations said: “Robert Carsen is recognized as one of the outstanding directors of his generation and I have long been an admirer of his extraordinarily moving and thought-provoking opera productions. His unique talents as both a director and artist have given audiences from around the world some of the most inspirational and revelatory interpretations of opera today. The Foundation is proud to be presenting this event celebrating Robert’s life’s work and introducing it to audiences in China”.

This masterclass is part of a larger series of events, which was be presented by the KT Wong Foundation as part of the Beijing Music Festival in the coming years to explore the diverse skills and achievements of the leading professionals in opera today.  This will include leading set designers, conductors, singers and composers and starts here with the key role of opera director.

The masterclass series offered a unique opportunity for listeners to understand the complex creative functions within opera and learn from the greatest masters what is needed to create productions at the very highest level.  It also is an insight into the relevance ofopera in today’s world, and how it continues to be an important reflection of society.

The masterclass series was conceived by the KT Wong Foundation, an organisation that has led the way in delivering boundary-pushing cultural, artistic and educational exchanges between China and the West, Since its launch in 2007. The Foundation has also established itself as a leading supporter of young musical talent in China, Europe and the US.

The masterclass series reflects the strong partnership between the KT Wong Foundation and the Beijing Music Festival in bringing world-class opera, and music-making, directors and productions to Beijing as part of the festival in future years.

It took place with the kind support of Chao Hotel at 11.00am on the 13th of October in its newly opened facilities.

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