Boundless Reverie: Chinese Savoir-Faire and Contemporary Art opens to the public from 26 March to 19 May 2024.

Monday, March 25th, 2024

Supported by SUPREME, a premium brand of Hutchison Telecom Hong Kong, and LG Electronics Hong Kong (LG), this exhibition highlights the intersection of cultures as fertile ground for artistic inspiration. Rare Chinese antiques are exhibited alongside contemporary artworks that look to our shared global heritage, in addition to the fluidity of cultural expression in today’s context.

Boundless Reverie begins by showcasing the exquisite gilt-decoration craftsmanship that recalls the prosperous maritime trade between China and Europe during the Age of Sail. From jewellery cabinets and tea boxes from the 18th century to hand-painted fans and bookcases of courtyard scenes from the 19th century—the collection is complemented by immersive, digital technology-enabled experiences that celebrate the contemporary resurgence of traditional crafts.

Moving through to the present, Boundless Reverie brings together 13 emerging contemporary artists, each with a distinctive connection to China as a place and culture. The artists include Jes FAN, Dominique FUNG, Chris HUEN Sin Kan, JI Xin, SUN Yitian, Xiyao WANG, Ziping WANG, XIA Yu, Vivien ZHANG and ZHANG Zipiao; along with Coco HO, Gerry LI and Pongyu WAI, who previously participated in the K11 Group × ArtReview Artist-in-Residence Programme. The works on display manifest their creative interpretations of established Chinese and western artistic traditions while demonstrating how they navigate their ever-evolving identities in a world that is in constant flux.

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