“The Beauty of Living Wealth” exhibition from Sichuan Province

Thursday, July 30th, 2020

Here’s more from the excellent the “The beauty of Living Wealth” exhibition from Sichuan province, and today it’s the beauty of clothes.

The formation and development of Tibetan clothing is deeply affected by natural conditions, modes of working and cultural exchanges. Across the different Tibetan regions there is variation in materials and production processes, with distinct characteristics such as a big placket, wide belt, long sleeves, and no buttons.

The Qiang people’s clothes (photo 2) mainly consists of robes, and their clothes have changed through different historical periods, environments, and living conditions. (Photo by Wang Bingning)

The numerous branches and scattered settlements of the Yi people (photo 3) have resulted in clothing with different regional styles. Many ethnic minorities in China have the custom of wearing jewellery, including the Yi people. (Photo by Hu Xiaoping)

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