Zanele Muholi on Queering the Zeitz MOCCAA

Sunday, December 30th, 2018

One of South Africa’s best known artists talks about how she’s conquering the international art world on her terms. Zanele Muholi is a self described visual activist—a gifted photographer who has reached the pinnacle of international art world success with her images of black LGBTI subjects. She is a long-time favorite of OkayAfrica’s for the uncompromising politics behind her art and the aesthetic confidence she uses to transmit her messages of inclusion and revolution.

OkayAfrica met up with her at the opening of the Zeitz MOCAA museum in Cape Town last month. She is both a major part of the museum’s collection. Her art takes up a large chunk of the gallery space, yet in the launch ceremony she stood apart—preferring not to take part in the artist group presentation in what seemed like a very conscious decision not to be used as a prop for the museum’s marketing.

OkayAfrica spoke to Muholi about her work with the Zeitz MOCAA and the politics of inclusion in the South African art landscape. Read more.

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