Beijing Cultural Summit, 2010

Following the success of the KT Wong Foundation’s 2008 summit at Ditchley Park, in 2010 the Foundation co-chaired its second international summit with Phoenix Television and the China Arts Foundation. This coincided with the 13th Beijing Music Festival.

While in 2008 the debate centred on the need for increased mutual understanding between China and the West, by 2010 much had changed. The Chinese government had officially declared culture a focus of the nation’s development for the 21st century and China had experienced unprecedented growth in the creation of major cultural and performing arts centres.

Against this backdrop, Lady Davies and Maestro Yu Long positioned the summit as both a platform for frank conversations between China and the world and a forum for ideas. Matching the high calibre of attendees at Ditchley Park, the 2010 summit welcomed leading international figures from the arts and cultural industries.


THE CHINA CULTURAL SUMMIT – Learning from the past to build the future

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