Passion for Porcelain

To commemorate the historic exhibition ‘Passion For Porcelain: Masterpieces of Ceramics’ in Beijing, the KT Wong Foundation commissioned world-renowned Ceramic Designer, Peter Ting, to create a remarkable series of Chargers.  Inspired by early 19th century Cantonese botanical drawings from the Natural History Museum’s Reeves Collection,Ting created Chrysanthemum and Peony Chargers that offer a symbolic gesture to match the historical grandeur of this remarkable exhibition.

In addition, the Foundation also hosted both a lunch in honour of Martin Roth, the director of the Victoria & Albert Museum, and a dinner for Neil MacGregor, Director of the British Museum.

By welcoming leading figures from the arts and cultural industries in Beijing, these events offered a unique platform to initiate dialogue and strengthen relationships between Chinese and British museums.

Preceding each event, the Foundation also invited Martin Roth and Neil MacGregor to join BBC Radio 3 presenter, Philip Dodd, ‘In Conversation’.This is the Foundation’s exciting new project that presents interviews with leading figures from the international arts and cultural industries.

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