A Portrait of Women in Chinese Cinema

The KT Wong Foundation will support an exciting season of classic Chinese cinema entitled “A Portrait of Women in Chinese Cinema” (Portraits de femmes dans le cinéma chinois) at Cinematheque Francaise in Paris from 19-30 November 2014.

The retrospective will feature over 20 films spanning over 100 years of film-making in the 2 week programme presented by the Cinematheque Francaise.

The season is a unique collection of the great works of Chinese cinema, focusing in particular on the changing roles of women in society and offering an extraordinary insight into the history of Chinese film making.

This screening forms part of the official celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of China-France diplomatic relations initiated by General Charles de Gaulle.

Maggie Cheung, star of “Center Stage” by Stanley Kwan about iconic silent-era actress Ruan Lingyu, will make a special appearance at the retrospective.

Website: http://www.cinematheque.fr/fr/dans-salles/hommages-retrospectives/fiche-cycle/portraits-femmes-dans-cinema-chinois,597.html

Online Article on Kering.com  http://www.kering.com/en/magazine/counting-chinese-stars

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